Saturday, June 23, 2007

Halliburton Has Lied Conspicuously and Continually To Congress, Oversight Committees, The Military & The Press

But their lies to their stock-holders might just be the straws undoing the camel's spinal chord:
{From TruthOut.Org (which I support with a small, monthly donation of $10, and encourage anyone to do the same)}:

Halliburton Accused of Cooking Its Books
Investors have shrugged off almost all the bad news at Halliburton Co. the past few years - accusations of overbilling the Army and bribing foreign officials, along with scrutiny over business dealings in Iran and non-competetive bids on government work. None of it cost them anything, and the Regime cast a blind eye.
(Shit, Darth Cheney STILL collects an annual, hundred-thousand dollar stipend from 'em, in acknowledgment of his vital role in their 'bidness' dealings. With this kind of juice, you just shut up and collect your dividends.)
But the same investors might take notice, if Halliburton's financial statements were in doubt, and a former company accounting executive says they are.

To read all about it, follow the link embedded in the headline of this post...To explore the latest of the Halliburton fiascoes in Iraq, click here.

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