Saturday, June 09, 2007

Glaring Oxymoronics On AAR: The Best Of "The Lionel Show"

I cannot ABIDE that squeaky, specious, spuriously self-regarding asshole. His mommy told him he was sooo smart and sooo clever, and had suuuuch a grand vocabulary, and for some reason nobody else came along in later life to disabuse him of these 'little white lies.'

I simply CANNOT listen to him, and am having the same trouble with MUCH of what AAR has become. The (so-called) Young Turks are not far enough removed from their fascist roots to be very compelling; they're too forgiving of the right. Stephanie Miller? Her female, A.M. schock-jock schtick, abetted by (not) funny boys, is only occasionally diverting. Ed Schultz? C,mon, the only reason he's doing "Left" is because there was already a fat, slow-witted troglodyte (Slimeball) doing "Righty" radio. Thom Hartmann i can abide, mostly; Randi Rhodes, too. But the whole thing suffers mightily for the lack of Sam Seder and Mike Malloy. The weekends--when not pre-empted here by Denver Broncos/Rockies 'sports' are better: Ring of Fire is 'don't miss' radio.

But the Green brothers, while possibly preserving the franchise, have polluted it terribly...

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Anonymous said...

A)Steph isn't AAR

B)She rocks the house

Message ends.