Saturday, June 16, 2007

Clueless in Gaza: What The FUCK Are These People Thinking?

This is stupidity of such magnitude as to be, practically, impossible to replicate, duplicate, or comprehend (via Yahoo News):

RAMALLAH, West Bank - The U.S. strengthened its offer of support for President Mahmoud Abbas on Saturday, telling him an international aid embargo against the Palestinians would end as soon as he forms a new government without Hamas, aides to Abbas and a Western diplomat said. The United States and European Union issued statements expressing backing for Abbas in light of the upheaval that has remade the Palestinian territories, but they said no decision had been reached on lifting the embargo.

Crowds of Gaza Strip residents converged on the border crossing with Israel desperate to leave the coastal strip, but they found locked gates. Israel, meanwhile, said it would allow food and other basic supplies into Gaza.

These fuckers are just insane, promising Fatah the end of the embargo when Fatah builds a gocvernment in Palestine WITHOUT Hamas, which just kicked the living shit outta Fatah in Gaza, deposed 'em, and won control over the whole territory?

I cannot believe even that feculent, stupid, insipid bint Condi Rice could be THIS stupid.


Dirk Gently said...

I cannot believe even that feculent, stupid, insipid bint Condi Rice could be THIS stupid.

methinks you underestimate her. because, of course, the current situation in palestine could have been avoided if not for stupid, pigheaded
u.s. policy
at the time hamas was democratically elected.

Virginia said...

Meanwhile they keep hammering the idea that the "democratically-elected" "government" of Iraq must find a political solution to the mess they made of the country.

They're not getting any smarter, and they are DAMNED sure not getting any saner.

WGG, Rogue Scholar & Tokin Lib'rul said...

Va: haranguing the iraqis for incompetence--and threatening them with what, the destruction of their country?-- when they are not able to clean up with a wave of a djinn the mess that USers have made of Iraq is WHY THEY HATE US!!!!!

Dirk: yeah! bottomless stupidity and arrant hubris meet together in what is laughingly known (in all the civilized world outside DC and TA) as USer 'foreign policy.'

Anonymous said...

This could have been avoided except for the stupid, idiotic, virulently vicious Bush/US policy toward the Palestinians.

Heard on BBC this morning that some people have been at the border for days. One woman, a Fatah supporter, said she would die there rather than go back into Gaza and the dangers she perceived for herself and especially her menfolk.