Thursday, June 28, 2007

Tony "Vafanculo" Scalia's Pissed At Roberts Cuz Roberts Ain't "Activist" Enough

Via TruthOut.Org:
To wit:
In the campaign finance case, he accused Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. of “faux judicial modesty” for writing an opinion that in Justice Scalia’s view effectively overturned the court’s 2003 campaign finance decision “without saying so.” The clear implication was that the chief justice lacked the courage or honesty to overturn the precedent openly as Justice Scalia himself would have done.

“This faux judicial restraint is judicial obfuscation,” he said.

And Justice Scalia was scathing in his criticism of an opinion signed by Chief Justice Roberts that limited, but did not completely abolish, the right of taxpayers to go to court to challenge government expenditures that promote religion. Justice Scalia would have gone on to shut the courthouse door completely, not simply limiting but overturning the precedent that the new ruling invoked.

We Are SOOOOOOOO Fucked.
How ya enjoying the reign of the Roman Catholic Inquisition on the fucking Supreme Court? Ya likin' this Opus Dei SCROTUS?
Where's some good, old-fashioned, anti-Catholic bigotry?
Both Alito and Roberts lied to the Congressional committees before which they appeared for confirmation.
Gutless fuckin Democraps genuflected to suck fascist cocks and refused to filibuster.
So now, along with Vanfanculo Scalia, and Unka Thomas, and the fucking worthless, turn-coat Kennedy, there are two MORE fascist motherfuckers leaving shit-trails throughout the SCROTUS.
Scalia's 71. The slimy shitwhistle could live, and adjudicate, for another 20 years.
Come on, Tony, you fascist, saturnine fucknozzle: Take the cannolis...and then fucking Feb '09.

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Terry C - End Bush's War Now! said...

My friend -

I have to think that Scalia is more than a little pissed off that he was passed over for Chief Justice.