Monday, June 18, 2007

It's Okay, Cuz The Guy Was Brown

Predictably, in a putative excess of zeal, the fascist fux of Homeland Security and the notoriously brutal, stupid LA County pigs FUCKED UP, big-time!

They 'deported' a mentally challenged US CITIZEN to Mexico, where he has disappeared. His family fears for his life. He speaks both English and Spanish, but can neither read or writer either one. He called a family member from Tijuana, but apparently had no idea where he was.

Neither HSA nor the LACounty Pigs have admitted any responsibility in the matter; nor have they undertaken to try to help find the guy.

But that's okay. They followed procedures. They got the right paperwork.
Besides, what's the big deal: he's just another dumb, criminal spic.
He's got a record, and was in jail when they deported him.
That makes it alright, right?

This story has gotten some local (LA) coverage, and I heard about it on the NPR show, Latino USA, but I do not think I've heard any other information about the case.

That shouldn't come as ANY surprise...


Anonymous said...

I heard it on Morning Edition last week sometime. I think they were covering the hearing in which the family was asking the Judge to order the U.S. Government to help them find their son and the Judge refused to do so. This is well and truly fucked, you're right. I hope the poor boy is alright--but if he's not, his parents have a fine lawsuit on their hands. Heck, they do anyway.


Anonymous said...

I think it made NPR--or was On The Media? No, weekend news, irrc.

And the Federal Fuckers wouldn't help the family until it made the news big time. God help us.

Get rid of Chernak and dismantle DHS. Which was Lieberan's Big Idea.

Miss ya, Woody!

mogwai said...

FYI, SiCKO is available for viewing online at google video:

my IRE has gone up after watching 15 minutes of it...Moore's best yet

WGG, Rogue Scholar & Tokin Lib'rul said...

1) didja get yer coffee?

2) i'll wait til Sicko plays the theaters, and support Mike that way...but thanks for the info.,.