Monday, November 05, 2007

Let's be Clear: GHW Bush and Bill Casey Stole The Election of '80

Let's don't forget: In August, 2000, those two old CIA buddies, Bill Casey and GHW Bush, undertook a mission to Paris, where they met with representatives of the Iranian mullahs, and worked out a deal: The Mullahs would hold the hostages until after Reagan "won," denying Carter an "October Surprise." In exchange, the US would supply the Iranians with war materiel, later when the heat was off. No one could miss the signal when the hostages landed in the US on Raygun's inauguration day. The Fix was in, and has been from that day foreward. The democratic Republic of the United States of America fell, and has never recovered.

There are laws against civilians negotiating with foreign powers. It's a felony, and arguably treason. It's undeniable that Casey and Bush were both guilty of treason for making their nefarious deal. Casey's dead (his death was probably orchestrated by Bush to keep him quiet: he was scheduled to testify on the Iran connection the very day he was struck down by a "stroke." That very day, military doctors performed an operation to permanently disable his speech center. Just a coincidence. I'm sure.

Since then, Raygun and his acolytes have done their best to wreck the whole concept and practice of the New Deal, and to throw the Country back into the cultural patterns of the "Gilded Age."

John Hinckley should be consigned to prison for eternity, not for attempting to assassinate Raygun, but for failing.

My point: I'll bet you anything you want that--on the slim chance that there are no occurences of 'terror' to distract the populace and cement GOP rule forever between now and Nov 4, 2108--that the Busheviks will threaten to REFUSE to relinquish power if they are not granted blanket, retroactive immunity by the in-coming regime.


Sparkle Plenty said...

Well, since Reagan's assassination would have put Bush in the White House that much earlier, it's hard to say whether a successful or failed attempt would be the better thing. Personally, I think Bush and his buds were behind the assassination attempt . . . But that's just me.

nolocontendere said...

Wasn't Hinckley's father having dinner with Bush 41 the day Ronnie was supposedly shot, or something?

I always thought Casey's aneurysm was a crock of shit and he lived his life out in pampered luxury in some compound somewhere.