Sunday, January 04, 2009

Clueless On Gaza: USer Reps Struggle For "Balance" -- In Israel's Favor

If there is one absolute, invariant, inflexible, inerrant truth about USer politics, domestic and foreign, it is this: Any aspiring politician who hopes to be selected on a sufficiently large scale--say for a national, or state-wide office--must swear undying, unwavering, unending, unequivocal "support" for and love of Israel. This means complete, never-ending, generous, enthusiastic votes for USer financial and military aid to Israel, as well as the (implicit) promise NEVER to publically criticize any act of the Israeli state, under penalty of being labeled, stigmatized, and reviled as an anti-Semite.

(The cleverer among you will have already noted a distinct parallel between the loyalty for Israel to which ALL USer pols are called, and the loyalty to Party to which all GOPukes are held. Anti-Semitism, in the one discourse, is equivalent to "anti-American" in the other. The sin is apostasy. The fault is disloyalty. The penalty is exile.)

In view of the horrendous Israeli violence levied against Hamas (but consciously, too, against ALL Palestinians) in Gaza, a mere handful of USer legislatiors have found the 'courage' to express any outrage--howsoever little it might be. Lois Kopps, a Dim Congresscritter representing Santa Barbara, CA, issued such a statement yesterday, which goes about as far as is allowable in Israel criticism from the USer power elite or their minions. Upon reading it, you will not fail to notice how rigidly even she toes the rhetorical line. The text is up on Jesus'(Manly) General, along with his own remarks on the matter, and some comments.

Including the rudiments of Yr. Obd't. S'vt's note, herewith amended somewhat:
"In order to stop violence in Palestine, the first thing you gotta do is stop the Israeli "settlers" (most of whom, it seems from the accents of those interviewed, are transplanted "Murkin" Jews aggressively playing Fort Defiance with real guns to kill the 'marauding savage' Arabs, with IDF cover. Some kind of "Manna-fest Destiny?")."
It is naive to think that Israel does NOT have territorial ambitions, and this is no in no part associated with the fact that it is a "Jewish State," except for the accident of history and geography. The "settlers" are knowing tools of calculated Israeli expansionism. So the Israeli Govt will not stop the settlers, because the settlers are their "unofficial" tools to keep Palestinians off balance and to provide future and subsequent provocations, when settlers are attacked or killed, to excuse the use of even more incredibly disproportionate violence to dispossess even more Palestinians, and further the Israeli State agenda of ethnically cleansing Arabs from the Land...Settlers are the 'thin edge' of the wedge, designed to cause friction and raise Arab tempers to the tipping point. They are--in ways that ought to be obvious to us, the beneficiaries of the same practical expedient on this continent--state-sponsored 'agents provocateurs'... It's how 'we' (Pres. Polk) got most of northern Mexico in 1846.

The scrupulous have noted the deaths of 3500 Israelis (since when? '48?, '67?) to 'terror' attacks by Palestinians/Arabs. It's a sad and terrible number, including too many children. Any scintilla of honor among such body-counters would require an equally comprehensive report on the numbers of Palestinians killed by Israel over the same period. Mostly, however, there is no such reporting in the USer SCUM (So-Called Unbiased Media). It's difficult to track down the numbers on the web search engines, too. What is common are uncontextualized reports of Israelis' killed or injured, and the numbers of (mostly, ineffective) "qassam" attacks.)

On average, over time, since, say 2000, the 'usual' kill-ratio is somewhere around 15 Palestinians killed by Israel for each Israeli killed by a Palestinian attack, except in the present case when it's up pushing 100 - 1 (well over 500 Palestinians killed, Israelis, only 4-5). In the last year, the ratio was on the order of 50-to-1. The ratio varies, but it has seldom fallen below 20-1 in the last 15 years.

I am not a mathematician or a sociologist (though I've played one on tv & stayed at a Holiday Inn Express)), but that number seems excessive to me, somehow.

In all this, Israel appears to exemplify this nostrum: "All is permitted in defense of that which is stolen."

Ecce: A note on the Qassam rockets
Mostly, they are very short-range, capable of only small--albeit deadly, if one is unlucky enough to be close-by--payloads. A range of under five kilometers--a mile-and-a-half, approximately--is considered extreme. So the report last week that a 'rocket' fired from Gaza had landed 20 MILES from Israel's 'secret' nuclear base, Dimona, deep in the Negev, was patently propaganda plant.


Ruth said...

The U.S. is making itself the enemy in the M.E. again. see also

Liberality said...

Everything you write in this post is true. It's the cowboys/settlers vs. the Indians all over again.

Truth that is not allowed to be spoken is truth nonetheless.