Wednesday, January 07, 2009

You Know All That "Change" You Think You Were Promised? FUGGEDABOTTIT! NAGAHAPUN!

How do I know, you ask. Mr. O's not even been inaugurated yet. Give the man s chance, you say...

Well, how's this: Obama Warns Trillion-Dollar Deficit Could Lead to Extensive Government Budget Cuts

All those promises? Hot air! "President-elect Barack Obama is warning the US deficit will top $1 trillion this year, leading to what he says could be extensive cuts to government budgets. Obama made the warning Tuesday as he meanwhile prepares an economic stimulus package that will cost almost the same amount."

Where, oh, where do you suppose those 'spending cuts' will come from?

Reduce the Defense budget? Hey, gimme dat pipe. You dangerous, boy!

Repeal Bush tax-cuts for the wealthiest Murkins/corporations? Oh, sure, DAT's gonna happen--NOT!!!

No, you gotta look around for the expenses that have the least influential constituencies: Environment protection, Social Security, MediCare/MedicAid.

Here's one of Amy's interviewees, Arun (no relation) Gupta:
I think there is an important subtext. Larry Summers, who—he’s the one who’s really going to be in charge of the economic plan. He had an opinion piece in the Washington Post a couple months ago, where he said we need to address entitlements. And what that is, is codeword for “We need to cut Social Security and Medicare.” And that’s a terrible idea. Now, if you need to cut money, cut it from the military. You’re talking about a budget that’s almost a trillion dollars, if they need to talk about cutting spending. But I agree, this is the wrong time to be talking about cutting spending. We need to increase it. We need to restructure the economy right now.
I hope he doesn't mean that the coming increase in military spending to support the promised "surge" in Afghanistan; but I am not sure.

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GDAEman said...

If Obamer doesn't cut the military budget, he needs to be hammered.

I'm with you, lets hammer away now via

This is no time for the majority to be silent. Obama needs to fear us more than he fears the corporations and inside crowd.