Thursday, January 15, 2009

So, Does Intelligence Serve Political Aims? Well, Golly...

From Jon Schwarz's A Tiny Revolution blog:
Ho-Hum, Our Entire Political Class Caught Lying About Incredibly Important Matters Of Life And Death Again

As we know from reading America's fine newspapers, Ehud Barak made Yasser Arafat an incredibly "generous offer" at Camp David in 2000. Arafat turned it down because he had always been negotiating in bad faith. Then Arafat launched the second intifada to try to destroy Israel. At this point Israel had no choice but to defend itself, as it had no partner for peace. And so on until today.

Or...that's all complete bullshit...(I vote for "It's all complete bullshit. Ed)
(A)s Henry Kissinger put it in his 1995 book Diplomacy:
What political leaders decide, intelligence services tend to seek to justify. Popular literature and films often depict the opposite--policymakers as the helpless tools of intelligence experts. In the real world, intelligence assessments more often follow than guide policy decisions.
Anyway—good work, America's elites! You've once again gotten thousands of people killed with your lies, with thousands more waiting in the on deck circle!

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