Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Mi Nuevo México pobre! ¡También lejos del Cielo, demasiado cercano a Tejas!

Scott Horton, one of the really SMART people, followed up an editorial in the WSJ on how the investigation of NM Gov. Bill Richardson's possible conflicted connections with a state contractor "PROVES" that the national scandal over the firing of the US Atty in New Mexico, David Iglesias, in 2006, was not either 1) a big deal in itself or 2) indicative of any other possible DoJ 'politicization' scandals. Mr. Horton says bullshit, so very politely.
New Mexico Delusions

The Wall Street Journal’s editorial page lectures us that the U.S. attorney’s scandal and the allegations about politicization of the Justice Department are all a bunch of “hoohah.” Their proof? A new, court-appointed career federal prosecutor in New Mexico is now in the middle of a “pay to play” investigation, examining allegations that Governor Bill Richardson’s administration gave an important state contract to a California-based investment bank that made contributions to some Richardson-connected PACs.

Perhaps you don’t see how the facts reported support the proposition that the claims of politics in Justice Department prosecutions are false? Neither do I. Neither does anyone I know who read and puzzled over this editorial. The reasoning is apparently something like this: there is corruption in New Mexico state government. President Bush was right to fire David Iglesias, a Republican, for failing to go after it. But this demonstrates a failure to appreciate even the most basic facts surrounding the scandal.
Such facts are therewith scooped up and ladled out in steaming paragraphs of scorn for the Journal's moronic Editorial Page editors, and for anybody else who takes them seriously.

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Ruth said...

The Attorney General is defying law, because this cabal keeps getting away with it.
see http://cabdrollery.blogspot.com/