Wednesday, January 28, 2009

"Little Lord Lodenpantz" (You Can't Intentionally "Viralize" A Meme.)

That's one of the truer of the myriad web truisms.

Though everybody's tried.

Who "invented" {emoticon}?

Me? I thought if one got one's 'snail mail' at one's address, and then one woulkd receive one's electronic communications at one's eddress. It made such perfect sense. And I still use it, myself, since alongside my email, it doesn't really need explanation. E.g. Mail me. My eddress is (etc)...Seemed self explanatory to me; plus useful, and clever. A natural "meme" for the ages...Not...

[I did create a small barrage of 'offensive' acronyms back in my Lite Blue career: HOAP (for Head On A Pike), and DSH (for Dime Sized Hole). But that is another story.]

In the amorphous community left/lib/prog bloggers, certain objects of fun and ridicule (you can NEVER ridicule these people too much) of the "other" (fascistic, conservo-tard, flying-monkey Right) have earned their own memes. And among the most pungent of these is the moniker ascribed lo, these many years ago to Jonah (Liberal Fascism) Goldberg, the vapid, vacuous, venal get of Lucianne Goldberg, of Monica Lewinsky betrayal fame who rode his mother's treacherous coattails into the maw of conservotard political pundritry, and has remained there (intercepting the donuts) ever since.

Jonah is unversally known and referred two (when necessary in the first place) as "Doughy Pantload." Partly because, in physical aspect, the (charitably) "chunky", even "plump," pundit does resemble a shit-rumpled child's britches. And partly, of course, because of the stench arising predictably from the pages of anything he's written. (Don't just take my word for it.)

"Doughy Pantload" indeed does him justice. But, I wondered, were there others?

In view of the evident dearth of talent, wit, skill, or interpretive competence he displays in his strident, hawkish, boiler-plate posturings, and the conclusion therefrom arising --he owes his situation to his association with his very influential mother-- I set out to learn if other 'nicks' had been suggested for DP which might capture that aspect of his utter odiousness. I had seen a reference to "Lodenhosen," which I thought approached what I wanted. Then it came to me: "Little Lord Lodenpantz." (Lodenpantz and Bernstein are NOT dead!...etc.: the allusions simply flow...)

So I instituted a search, and LO! My searches were rewarded, first here, and then here.

It seems that I am not the only one seeking to find an apt, alternative appellation for the sloppiest "thinker" in political punditry (the lately from the NYT-departed Billious Kristol being the sloppiest writer) on the right outside the dope-tinged maunderings from the bloated corpse of Rush Limbaugh. Over on the Amazon page where one may order copies of such things, in the segment of the page wherein readers may inscribe their first reactions, as "tags, there are EIGHT pages of suggested "tags." (The DU page wrongly reports "199" references to "oughy pantload," while the record at amazon was (at press-time) 19.)

Here's the top couple of dozen tags, (FYEIEIO):
  • wingnut welfare (376)
  • propaganda (293)
  • politics (232)
  • editor promised cake (222)
  • conservative (187)
  • must read (160)
  • censored by the left (138)
  • censored by liberals (123)
  • fascism (68)
  • books written while high on cheeto dust (57)
  • ein vol ein reich ein bag von cheetos (35)
  • doughy pantload (19)
  • liberalism (19)
  • ten pounds of crap in a five pound book (18)
  • history (16)
  • if michelle malkin is over your head (16)
  • social security is like treblinka (15)
  • sadly no (13)
  • ghost writer quit when i tried paying hi... (12)
  • liberal fascism (11)
  • the truth (11)
  • waste of a good tree (11)
  • cheetohnacht (10)
Me? I'll stay with "Little Lord Lodenpantz!" and take my place wayyyyyy at the bottom of the list.

That's where memes start, after all...

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