Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Top 10 Bushit "Achievements

From Fred Barnes' universe, where the sky is always orange (via Steve Benen, through Avedon):
In his latest gem, published in the new issue of his magazine, Barnes insists Bush's presidency "was far more successful than not," and Bush's "courage" not only "merits special recognition," it exceeds that of Ronald Reagan. Seriously.

To prove his point, Barnes points to Bush's "ten great achievements":
1. Bush stood up to "global warming hysteria," and helped undermine the agenda of "alarmists."

2. He endorsed "enhanced interrogation," "secret prisons," and "wireless eavesdropping."

3. He seized unprecedented executive authority, and ignored congressional attempts at oversight.

4. He offered "unswerving support for Israel."

5. He signed the No Child Left Behind initiative.
6. He delivered his second inaugural address.

7. He signed the Medicare prescription drug benefit.

8. He pushed the Supreme Court even further to the right.

9. He improved U.S. relations with Japan, South Korea, and Australia.

10. He created a "fragile but functioning democracy" in Iraq.
Note, of course, that lists of some of Bush's biggest failures also contain some of these same "achievements."

I wonder what the weather is like in Fred Barnes' universe.
Orange, the color of Ronnie Raygun's hair. That list, btw, for EVAR redefines irremediably DOWNWARDS the meaning of "Great Achievements."

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Liberality said...

he was very much a success if his objective was to destroy our country. I mean, we are hanging on merely by a thin thread!