Monday, January 26, 2009

"Krapp's Last Take": Kristol Not Renewed by NYT


Now, if the LATimes would shed the odious, malodorous, feculent, fatuous, talentless Doughy Pantload (known as "Jonah Goldberg" in some of the lower reaches of literacy and acuity), somebody might think breath might return to the pundit class.

I guess.

Anyway, the bloody-minded, aggressively militant, never-contrite and nearly ALWAYS wrong, conservatard/PNAC/Likudnik William Kristol's last column spewed its last toxic carbon ink, and saw its last tree consumed in utter waste and futility today.

As against almost all his past efforts--unremarkable except for their errors and flawed analyses--the Kristol column to day actually surprised its readers today with the the finality of the present effort.

Scott Horton reported on the skinny from the news-room. It wasn't his opinions or his orthodoxy that undid his dad's best and brightest J'ism jizm on the skirts of the Gray Lady. Banal, more and far than that: Bill was sloppy. Careless. Lazy. And just not a very good writer. On the Times, you gotta carry your weight; lil' billy couldn't. He probably actually maybe still thought McCain could/would still win when he told Jon Stewart that the Daily Show host probably read the Times too much.

So Kristol's going over to further pollute add his lustre to the editorial wing of the WaPo, where his egregious hucksterism and misguided enthusiasms for committing more heinous atrocities won't stand out quite so glaringly along side the likes of George Will. And I'm sure he'll still have his Faux Noise gig.

Horton's headlining now on at least 3 influential blogs: Harper's, Tina Brown's new "the Beast,' and Huff-post. He's everywhere, and we should be grateful. His occasional juxtapositions of the medieval and the contemporary on "No Comment" are always lucid and entertaining.

"Lord, make me chaste, but not yet." Can I get an "Allelulia"?

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