Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Drinking Liberally Observes 4th Anniversary

As the 'host' of the (struggling) Albuquerque chapter of DL, i got this in the morning E-mail.

Dear Dedicated Liberal Drinker,

This week join us as we celebrate 4 YEARS OF DRINKING LIBERALLY...and help us make the next year the most significant yet.

Political change is brewing all across the country…and it's all because of YOU! Founded in 2003, Drinking Liberally hit its 200th chapter one month ago because people have stepped up to organize and attend local chapters, bring politics into their everyday lives and use these communities to make a more liberal America.

- Reading, PA: hosted 100 activists to meet grassroots candidates before the '06 election

- Gooding, ID: defended the word "liberal" from libelous attacks in the local newspaper

- Natchez, MS: created social space where black and white activists feel comfortable attending together

- Louisville, KY: built a network that pledged thousands of dollars to local public radio

The journey from local dive bar to national prominence has seen our drinking clubs grow into a new organization. LIVING LIBERALLY creates social communities around progressive politics in many forms: the Laughing Liberally national comedy tour; Eating Liberally meals, providing grass-fed grub and grassroot gab; Reading Liberally national book tours; Screening Liberally films; and Blogging Liberally discussions of democracy in the information age.

This 4th Anniversary coincides with another coming-of-age step for Living Liberally: co-founder Justin Krebs will be stepping into the role of the organization's first Executive Director to give the growing network the attention to make it an instrumental progressive partner in the political season ahead.

But no one person makes Drinking Liberally effective -- we all do. So please, offer suggestions for where DL can go next, how we can grow the network, deepen our chapters and increase our impact toward a more liberal nation. Email your ideas for our 5th tremendous year.

And please attend your local Drinking Liberally gathering and help us celebrate around the country by raising a glass to "promoting democracy one pint at a time."


The Drinking Liberally National Team

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And I, I will drink to THAT, too! [/kid shaleen