Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Is ANYBODY Talking About That Fucknozzle Lieberman's Threats To Assfuck The Dems?

I dogpiled "Lieberman Changes Party" and got one hit.

But it sure sounds like Loserman's willing take the noses of the likes of his 'supporters' like HRC and Barak, and Mary Landrieu (again), and wipe his reaking, leaking, dripping, turn-coat ass with them.

One MIGHT, if one were of a certain sensibility, be inclined to declare 'jihad' on NoMoJo, the fucking ho, should he take that woeful step.

Ever since he turned on Clinton, it's been my opinion that he was an honest-to-fucking-christ, John LeCarre-style MOLE, a GOP agent INSIDE the Democratic Party. We're watching "the Jo, de Ho comin' in from de col'..."


jurassicpork said...

I tried to warn the Lamont camp about thbis, that Ned listening to his fucking groups would cost him the election and that we'd have another 6 fucking years of DINO Joe to look forward to. "Oh, no, we know what we're doing," they told me, "now fuck off."

Of course Lieberman relishes his role as the swinger in the Senate, because he's an arrogant, egotistical fuck who loves having withered cock sucked by both parties.

I just can't undwerstand what the fucking columnist was talking about when he said that Lieberman was "staking out independent positions."

What's so independent about voting with the GOP every step of the way, including on key legislation like Iraq? Yeah, I'm sure that he'd hate like hell to have to join the GOP and have to blend right in with other grey-haired, uncharismatic warhawks. I'm sure it would hurt him more than it would hurt us.

Why do assholes like Reid keep polishing this guy's knob? Don't they realize that he's taking them for a ride?

Anonymous said...

I looked at I don't know how many polls yesterday and independents are a large number of those who poll against Bush. Can't Democrats read polls, for god's sake?

Every fucking poll is telling them the same goddamn thing - stop this war, stop this president, get us out of here.

I dunno - I have officially become a cynic.

Anonymous said...

Eh, the Leebermin for Leebermin party doesn't really amount to jack, it seems to me. If he goes to the R's he's one of a minority. He certainly enjoys his little pirouette routine, though, don't he? Let's just hope Tim Johnson gets well Soon.

Woody, what are you doin' to get back w/ Atrios? Can't you guys kiss and make up.