Monday, February 05, 2007

Are these legitemate concerns???

Over at the Crack Den (aka, Eschaton) this morning was a re-iteration of an on-going debate:

Is it legitimate to speculate about whether the (Bushevik) Regime will try to hold on to power beyond its "legitimate" departure date; and is it legitimate to speculate on how 1)the Regime, 2)the democrats outside the Regime and 3)the media would behave if a "terraist attack" occurred on U.S. soil before that "legitimate" departure date?
masculine_monica_nyc | 02.05.07 - 12:28 pm
It's my belief that, in the event that the next (inevitable) bloody outrage occurs in the current Bushevik time-frame, the media will AUTOMATICALLY line up unanimously to uphold the Regime, and any efforts to politically or legislatively delegitemize the Regime will evaporate into the fog of jingoism and reflexive 'nationalism', accompanied by vicious castigations of the "Left" generally, and the "libruls in congress" being named as the villains and traitors for interfering in the Busheviks' 'plans' to prevent terrorism through domestic spying, and other internally directed intelligence ops.


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