Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Cry 'Havoc' And Let Loose The Dogs Of War

There is a huge potential that the Shii'a and the Sunni factions of Islam in the Persian Gulf will descend into wide-spread, internecine, sectarian strife.

I think there's a pretty good chance that this was the Neo-Con/Zionist/PNAC plan all along.
It is by no means impossible or unthinkable that the fascist Neo-Con/Zionist/PNAC cabal advocated and advanced the current USer course in the region because they understood that USer presence and military activity would, indeed, eventually lead to mortal, regional strife, in the course of which the Muslim factions would reduce one another to chaotic impotence, in the aftermath of which the West could move in and recolonize the resources...


Anonymous said...

This is on the level with the Six Party Peace Farce w/NKorea being the basis for declaring Negotiation doesn't work - so the cretin in chief can go to war with Iran.

from Ruth

charley said...

that indeed, seems to have been the plan all along.