Thursday, February 22, 2007

The Candidates I Shall NOT Support

I shall support no candidate for national office whose platform does NOT include:
1) universal, single-payer health care
2) repeal of the Bankruptcy Act of 2005
3) immediate withdrawal from the Iraq ICORP
4) paper ballots and hand-counts for all federal elections
5) a "moon-shot" approach to developing renewable, sustainable energy sources
6) removing the cap on SSI-taxable income
7) the immediate restoration of habeas corpus and the repeal of the PATRIOT Act
Those are my absolute minima. Absent any of those, I may in a pinch vote for a Dumbocrap candidate, but I shall not actively campaign or contribute to any campaign in which ALL those issues do not figure prominently.

Prob'ly that's just me...


Phila said...

I know not what others may choose, but I'm with you a hundred percent on each of these points.

charley said...

i only voted in 04 because i realized what great peril this nation was in.

considering the current crop of canidates i can not get real excited about 08.

3 and 7 are kind of vital.

BlakNo1 said...

I would also expect a promise that The US will not invade or bomb Iran.