Thursday, February 08, 2007

Lieberman calls for new "Anti-Terrorism Tax" to finance GWOT

The short, Reuters story is lacking in details:

Washington - An outspoken supporter of the Iraq war on Tuesday called for a new tax to pay for its astronomical cost as Congress opened a debate on President George W. Bush's $2.9 trillion budget plan for next year.

Sen. Joseph Lieberman of Connecticut proposed a "war on terrorism tax" at a Senate hearing during which he said the Pentagon's $622 billion defense budget proposal for fiscal 2008 threatened to crowd out funds for domestic programs.

The lawmaker, a former Democrat turned independent, favors a U.S. troop buildup in Iraq....
But I'd bet real money they do NOT include cutting back any of the tax-cuts the Regime has bestowed upon it's loyal corpoRat sponsors...


Anonymous said...

To be levied on adult diapers, I hope?


shrimplate said...

Rich bastards like Lieberman do not need adult briefs. They pay other people to piss and shit for them.

OK, that was yucky.