Thursday, February 15, 2007

How Many GOPukes Who Voted FOR This Execrescence When It Passed Last Fall Are Still In DC

Patriot Act's Provision on U.S. Attorneys to Come Under Scrutiny in Senate

"Congressional Democrats and some Republicans are trying to change part of the USA Patriot Act that allows the Bush administration to fire and replace federal prosecutors indefinitely without Senate confirmation. Freshly briefed by the Justice Department on the forced resignations of some of the seven U.S. attorneys since the act took effect, Senate Democrats planned to bring a bill to the floor Thursday that would impose a 120-day deadline on the amount of time a replacement could serve without Senate confirmation." (Associated Press)

You know why I'm asking of course?
Because if this provision is contained in a bill, it is going to have to be signed by the Chimp.

Some 'drone' from Arlen Spectre's staff allegedly inserted the offending language in the bill after debate had closed, but before the vote.

It may be enough already that the bothersome prosecutors have been dispatched, returned to private practice, or their investigations--which brought down Bob Ney and Duke Cunningham, and may well have had other high-profile GOPhascist targets--otherwise neutralized.

But if it's not enough, if the Bushit-loyalist GOPukes and the Busheviks are adamant about retaining the provisions, then the Chimp will certainly not sign, and might well veto, such legislation.

What then? It requires 67 votes in the Senate AND 288 votes in the House to overturn a veto.

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