Friday, February 02, 2007

Sanctimonious Lesbian Hypocrite Mary Cheney Gets Well-Deserved Come-Uppance

My friend Hecate BRINGS it to the Veep's repellantly, maudlinly preggers daughter (click in the Title box for the link):

(Your FATHER, the Chimp, and the rest) think that THEY, not you, have the right to make your reproductive choices, and to make medical end-of-life decisions for Terry Schiavo, and to prevent stem cell research, and to define marriage as "between a man and a woman" -- all in the name of placating some whackjob, woman-hating, gay-fearing fundies in order to harvest their votes and their donations. In fact, that's your daddy's base, although, as you well know, he holds them in as much contempt as he seems to hold 99% of the electorate.

And, gee, Mary, you filthy-souled sell-out to your gender, guess what else? You support that! You worked on your daddy's campaign. You didn't give a speech and say that Focus on the Family is a bunch of dirty-minded busybodies who have no business sticking their noses into America's vagina. You didn't issue a statement saying that Terry Schiavo's family ought to be left the fuck alone. No, Mary, you, you ugly-spirited sow, you are what we call a collaborator.
Dang! I love it when Witches get their dander up!

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