Monday, February 05, 2007

A Word To The SCUM*: Don't Get Fooled Again

The most important lesson about the Iraq War for reporters was perhaps the simplest one: Don't assume the White House is telling the truth. It's a lesson that many reporters seem to be forgetting now that U.S. officials are escalating their claims about Iran's role in Iraq.

But of course, the SCUM* and the lap-dog toadies, lick-spittles, satraps, boot-lickers, and sundry other sycophants to power cannot be bothered to re-examine and re-appraise their contributions to the IC (Iraq Clusterfuck), and persist in stenographic services for the Busheviks and their corpoRat masters. Click in the headline of this post to follow the link to FAIR's account of the current rush to war husbanded along predicatbly by the same folks who were stampeded to war the last time, and led the country along with 'em...

*SCUM: SoCalledUnbiased Media

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