Wednesday, February 14, 2007

The Dog That Didn't Bark, The Question Unasked.

Over at the Eschaton crack den, in response to the Commander-in-Codpiece's utterly non-revealing presser today, the following question was posed as one not asked:

"Mr. President, do we 'know' that the Iranians are providing arms to the Iraqis with the same certainty that we 'knew' that Saddam had WMD's?"

There is no press corpse in the so-called 'free world's that is more docile, more compliant, more feckless, more gutless, or more useless than that which covers the ShiteHouse...

PS: Speaking of dogs, wtf were they thinking last night at Westminster, giving best-in-show to that anemic Springer? Clearly, the choice should have been the PBGV, the Akita, or the Bouvier. What, do they let just ANYBODY judge these things???

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