Saturday, March 07, 2009

"Appointments Don't Matter, Cuz The Pope of Hope'll Be In Charge"

Remember? When some folks were worried about Obama's appointments, many of whom seemed, what shall I say, less than perfect acolytes for change. And the Obamists, swigging their root-beer Kool-Aid said, "Hey. Don't worry about it. Appointments don't matter. St. Obama will be watching over them. He'll be in charge!"

So, okay, yesterday Interior Sec, that slack-jawed, fatuous, mutherfucking rancher/oilman/fuckstick/BlueDawg, Ken Salazar, announced the de-listing of the Northern Grey Wolf from the protections of the Endangered Species Act.

Yeah, he did.

So now I have a question: If Salazar's off the reservation, where the fuck is Obama to rectify this manifestly stupid idea?

Or: If Salazar IS doing his boss's bidding, then why the fuck did anyone with any sympathies for wild things bother to cast a vote for Obama? And why did anybody with environmental sensibilities bother to vote for this fucker, who is pursuing exactly the same policy on wolves as his idiotic, sold-out, corpoRat predecessor, the Chimp.

It's the fucking goddamn idiotic, blood-drenched, shit-stained ranchers who want this.

Elsewhere in the fucking civilized world, there are actually humane programs which permit predators and people to co-exist. In Brazil, among other places, a slight surcharge is placed on beef and mutton sales, which goes into a fund which re-imburses ranchers for stock lost to predation.

But Obama (I announce herewith that I have officially dropped the honorific "Pres.", in as much as he daily betrays himself as a man without honor of any kind) just says: "Fire at will, motherfuckers. Kill them ALL!"

Appointing Salazar to Interior was mainly a ploy to get him out of the Senate. But now the Mocha Messiah goes all Sarah Palin on us.

This is working out so well...And he's only been in office a little over 6 weeks? Gee, what else can we expect?

I am fucking furious. I am so fucking angry with that dumb, corrupt, citified, prettified, big-smiling fucker Obama I could chew glass.


One Fly said...

Saladbar was a terrible senator. He did alright on issues that dealt with Colorado but voted with Bush too many times. Just because they look after state issues in no way gives them a pass when it comes to our rights. That negates any good they might do.

Alexandra said...

Overjoyed about the skinny on Paul Harvey and his final demise. He was so important to my dad I thought he must own the Harvey House. It sure took him a long time to die as I listened to him when I was a sprout.
So sad about the poor wolves. Hate the effing ranchers. Life really hurts sometimes ain't it?

Anonymous said...