Tuesday, March 03, 2009

IX/XI: WAS it Supervised from DC & Tel Aviv?

Avedon had this up yesterday. This is potentially an extremely provocative account, featuring, as it does, the testimony of Andy Card's--yeah, THAT "Andy Card"-- cousin, Susan Lindauer. I for one have not heard Ms. Lindauer's name in this connection before, but she's not (afaik) a notorious kook:
Jurassicpork flags Michael Collins' interview with Susan Lindauer (on a New Zealand site), who says the US knew very, very well that an attack on the WTC was coming via airliners, and that it wasn't coming from Saddam or Qadaffi:
"After the attack, it became clear that neither country could have been party to the conspiracy. Gadhaffi and bin Laden hated each other. Back in 1995, Libya was the first country in the world to warn Interpol about Osama, and urge an international warrant for his arrest. Saddam's government hated him, too. Baghdad considered Osama's extreme brand of Sunni fundamentalism to pose a serious destabilizing threat to Iraq 's moderate Sunni elite. Osama was a wrecking ball to Arab governments. They all despised him. In fact, we pushed Iraq so hard for intelligence in the months before 9/11 that afterwards Iraqi diplomats aggressively challenged our U.S. claims of ignorance. A couple of diplomats put it to me bluntly: 'Obviously you knew it was coming, because you kept telling us about it. So why didn't you stop it? Why didn't you do something before this, instead of blaming us now.

You should be blaming yourselves.'"
(Avedon--who lives abroad--notes:) "Although the corporate media in America has kept it quiet, the entire rest of the world knew that Libya was not responsible for Lockerbie - and the jihadis were inspired by the knowledge of who was, and that he was getting away with it because the American government under President George Herbert Walker Bush was letting him. Maybe the fact that the Republican leadership was dining with the bin Ladens and having their pictures taken with the Mujahdin had something to do with it.
Read the whole interview. It is very revealing.

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Ruth said...

The view of our 'intelligence service' is experienced differently through the rest of the world, where its errors are exhibited often, than it is here where the press ignores anything it does wrong.

see http://cabdrollery.blogspot.com/2008/11/prosecution-got-conviction-in-holy-land.html