Wednesday, March 04, 2009

I'll Eat A Hat If The USofA Is "Out" Of Iraq Before 2025

And it won't be anywhere nearly around the 2011 which Prez.Obama "intends." (Chris Hedges over on TruthDig has been reading my mail.) I am pretty nearly 100 percent sure there's gonna be USer boots (and blood) in the sands of Iraq for decades to come. There's a 120 acre "embassy" right in downtown Bagdhad. Over 1100 'staff', mostly CIA. There's those 14 'temporary bases' in the desert up around Mosul, and elsewhere, and all the arms, vehicles, munitions, and yes, operators of those things (pilots, mostly) need to be protected. But that's not the main reasons.

What are they??

Cuz if we leave, if we pull out ALL our troops (and the ancillary support), we lose control over the narrative.

And we NEED to control the message, more than anything else.

Why's that?

There's this: What the USofA has done in Iraq is one of the greatest crimes against humanity ever committed. So we gotta control the message because our guilt--for the destruction that we and we alone have caused there-- is so huge. Almost certainly, despite anything we can do about it, the next attack, when it comes, will be the direct result of whaqt we did in the six, bloody, murderous years of Bush's conquest of Iraq.

Did what?, you ask.

This: Iraq was fragile at best, to begin with, and we destroyed it. We crushed it like a bug, like a pest, like some kind of vermin. With no cause, and without, apparently any remorse. It's a ruined country, with a the bloodstains seeping through the coat of cheap paint USer 'reconstruction assistance' provides.

Probably as many as one in 10 of Iraqis living there in '93 have been killed. There are by some estimates as many as 2 million or more Iraqis killed. Three to four million have fled the country. Another 10 percent are internally displaced. To say NOTHING of the injured, in their millions.

Their cities are fragmented and wrecked. Their society disappeared. Our invasion and occupation of Iraq has touched the lives of EVERY SINGLE IRAQI, irretrievably, unalterably, for ever...You and me: WE DID THAT.

So, there is absolutely no way in hell the US will be "out" of Iraq in this half of the Century, and leave the telling of that story to the people we abused.

I don't wanna sound messianic, but, this isn't rocket science, either. Just look at the numbers. You and I--even if technically only soldiers acting in our name, on our behalf--rave ruined the lives of 17-20 MILLION people, and for what?

And for bloody, fucking hell WHAT@?

And there is gonna rain down on US another shit-storm. We have GOT to know that.

More o'dem chickens a'comin home t'roost.

Nah, the "USofA" isn't leaving Iraq, no kinda way...


Mr. Pelican said...

I don't see how any of us can hold you to that 2025 claim, seein' as how anyone who can read this now, mor'n likely be dead by then.

Woody (Tokin Librul/Rogue Scholar/ Helluvafella!) said...

Ahm a quick study...heheh

Silent_Majority said...

I would sure be interested to see where you get any of you numbers from. If this is such a crime against humanity we must be really good at keeping it a secret. Usually when 2 million people are killed or disappear it draws the attention of the media, who are embedded there anyway. Seems it would be a good opportunity for Obama to step up and tell the world we were wrong and crucify the Bush Devil. That would only happen if there were any truth to your statements ofcourse.

Woody (Tokin Librul/Rogue Scholar/ Helluvafella!) said...

Silent_Majority said...

(this from someone who, i'll warrant, believes atheists are "soulless.")

Yer fulla shit, pal.