Sunday, March 29, 2009

S O S: "Stop O'Reilley's Shit"

Rightwing Arch-fucktard, serial sexual harrasser, and vicious, villainous, lying sack of shit Bill O'Reilley has a trick. (Well, according to Andrea Mackris, he has a couple of them, but only one is relevant here.)

When somebody pisses him off--say, they contradict one of his many egregious lies, or otherwise hold him up for the ridicule he so richly deserves--he dispatches a team of flying-monkey trolls, led by particularly nasty, feculent bit of work, the baby-faced, fascist fuckwit Jesse Watters, to ambush his accusers, trying to embarrass them on tape, which O'Reilley will then use on his tv show to exact revenge for the other's having had the temertity to fuck with Big Bill-o. It has happened AS MANY AS 40 DIFFERENT times.

It occurred most recently when Falaffel Bill dispateched his team of feculent orcs to trail and ambush a blogger named Amy Terkel. She'd criticized O'Reilley for hypocrisy (the easiest charge in the world to level and prove against that bill-ious duckwhistle) in seeming to support some sort of post-rape intervention while simultaneously seeming to hold women responsible for rapes if they were seeming to "ask for it." THE DETAILS ARE HERE. In short:
On Saturday, March 21, Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly sent one of his producers to stalk, harass, and ambush’s managing editor Amanda Terkel. Upset over a ThinkProgress report that noted O’Reilly’s insensitivity to rape, O’Reilly sent two men to track Amanda in a car for two hours, and then confronted her with hostile questions while she was on vacation.
The good folks at ThinkProgress decided upon a strategy to reply, by contacting Bill O'Loofa's advertizers.

They didn't complain about the toxic, rampant racism of BO's usual discourses. They didn't complain about his easily provable lying. They didn't mention his fascistic, simple-minded, ideological pur-blindness. No. They simply asked if the advertizers were comfortable supporting someone who used his public persona to stalk and attack his opponents. This is how Keith Olberman phrased it: contacted the sponsors of O’Reilly’s TV program, asking — not if they support his right-wing stances, his hypocrisy, his racism, his misogyny, his fact-optional approach — but if they could stomach him time after time stalking people who had dared to criticize him in print or online. And tonight, UPS has said enough.
All this is preface to what, in the scope of the whole enterprise, is really nothing so much as a quibble: the name that TP assigned to their campaign. They called it "Stop Supporting The O’Reilly Harassment Machine." But it strikes me as overly recondite and wordy, so I am suggesting an alternative title: the simple, widely used, S O S: Stop O'Reilley's Shit (or Stalking, if you're telling your mom).

Similar campaigns have been waged semi-successfully against such other Rightard bags or reeking shit as Michael ("Savage") Weiner in the past. Some tens of thousands of bloggers and other citizens have joined the campaign, and I encourage my reader, devoted as s/he is, to join the campaign, too, whatever they call it, and request sponsors of Bill-o's toxic dump to reconsider their support for this clearly psychopathic, probably dangerous, shitwhistling fucknozzle.


themom said...

Two great minds I guess (well you are at least). I posted briefly about the asswipe myself. What an ingenious promotion - to rid all advertisers from his show. But you stated it much more eloquently than I ever could.

GDAEman said...

Count me in... it has nothing to do with procrastinating on doing my taxes.