Friday, March 27, 2009

Chomsky Discusses The Obama/Geithner(Bush) Plan

Noam Chomsky: Plan is recycled Bush/Paulson. We need nationalization and steps towards democratization"; says that "they're simply recycling, the Bush-Paulson measures and changing them a little, but essentially the same idea: keep the institutional structure the same, try to kind of pass things up, bribe the banks and investors to help out, but avoid the measures that might get to the heart of the problem."
Which makes perfect sense if you first assume that Obama's only there on the sufferance of the nations Owners, who would never have countenanced his 'election' if he posed--or even seemed to pose--the least, slightest scintilla of a threat to the smooth, profitable functioning of their world-gobbling enterprises. Via TRNN, who could use your support...

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