Saturday, March 07, 2009

Obit For A Chickenhawk: Paul Harvey, RIP

Though why ANYONE should mourn the passing of Paul Harvey is quite beyond me. Unless they're related to him, or he owed 'em money?

Yeah, here's "the rest of the story" of the man who prepared the way for all the unhinged, jack-booted, chickenhawk, conservotard pundi-thugs of the right who bellow and screech endlessly.
Paul Harvey was the prototype for fuckwit Fascist Radio

He opened the way for (first) Joe Pine, then later the deluge of total fuckwitted shitwhistles: Slimeball, Falaffel Bill, Vannity, Blech, Malkin, Ingraham--all of 'em are his feculent, retarded 'step-children.'

And like them, (who knew?) he apparently was a chickenshit chickenhawk. And that was even in WW II, when NOBODY stayed home (well, except such heroes as Dutch Reagan and Marion ("he Duke") Morrison). Via Wiki :
He eventually enlisted in the United States Army Air Forces but served only from December 1943 to March 1944. His critics claimed he was given a psychiatric discharge for deliberately injuring himself in the heel. Harvey angrily denied the accusation, but was vague about details: "There was a little training accident...a minor cut on the obstacle course...I don't recall seeing anyone I knew who was a psychiatrist...I cannot tell you the exact wording on my discharge."[3]
Fascinating that the arch-pimp of war and slaughter "eventually enlisted in the United States Army Air Forces but served only from December 1943 to March 1944." Three, charitably four, months. What kinda fuck-up did one hafta be to "Section-8" out of the Air Force at the height of the air-war against Germany, when aircrew life-spans were measured in hours?

You MUST know the story of how Paul Harvey GOT FAMOUS? He claimed on the air, while he was trying to become 'somebody' in Chicago, right after the war (the one he unaccountably missed), that security at the Great Lakes Naval Base was so porous that the Commies and Reds were in there having picnics and stealing secrets. So he and a henchman tried to break in to prove the point, and were arrested when they climbed the fence. Unluckily, the feculent fuckwit wasn't shot on the spot.
The foregoing is from a comment I posted this morning on Mike's Blog Round-Up on C&L. Paul Harvey was one of those plausible fakes, like the Readers' Digest; and just about as useless (though I did once have a joke appear in RD; paid $25; I kept the check for about 10 years, then lost it in a move).

You know about the Big Lie of Readers' Digest, right? How they'd hire a story written, by some reliable flack or hack, and then plant in some strange, obscure publication, then "digest" it back to their readers. No one, apparently, ever seemed to have thought it strange to see exhaustive, articulate screeds against socialism turning up in The mid-Western Dairyman, for example; whence to the pages of the Digest. I thought everybody knew that.

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