Thursday, March 12, 2009

Goin' To Santa Fe

Taking the RailRunner! (The photo above captured the train near Cerrillos, NM.--about 10 miles south of Santa Fe. The mountains visible in the background are the Sangre de Cristo range; the little hill in the foreground gives the locale it's name--Cerrillos = Little hills).


$7, all day, all zones, between Belen and Santa Fe.

The best bargain in the State...

Lunch and margaritas at Tomasita's...Drinks later a the Bull Ring, or mebbe Jimmy's Tiny's...(Sadly, after too many years to count--close to 40, I reckon--The Green Onion has closed! Que triste! Muchas lagrimas!)

This is it for posting today.



One Fly said...

I saw a piece on this train Woody-maybe it was here but what stuck out was how cheap the tickets were. I'm going to take this ride sooner than later.

Have a blast!!

Flying Junior said...

Late winter of 1985, I rode the bus through Albuqueruqe and Santa Fe, on up to Taos. Was but cold in the mornings, but was sunny most of the time. Snowed after a week. Chopped alot of firewood to put in the fireplace dead center of the round adobe house. Went to a party driving an old Mustang in the snow. Gave my old tube amp to the band. Listened to alot of REM and drove up to see the frozen waterfalls.