Monday, March 30, 2009

Off Widdair Phuquing Heads!

Max Keiser, unconstrained by the pressures on our *SCUM* to toe the Party Line, suggests a permanent solution to the problem of our thieving, venal, mendacious--but apparently employed-for-life--financial elites: Est-ce que je peux présenter Mlle Guillotine ?

DOTOF™, Ed Encho/Station Charon.
Part II:

I've long maintained that, if there's anything at all to the idea that capital punishment has deterrent effects, we ought to test the premise by executing a couple of the top financial mavens VERY publically.

Bernie Madoff? John Stanford? Phil Gramm? Slap 'em on a gurney and let's see what happens. Even if there may not be a deterrence effect, it'll sher help with recidivism.