Saturday, April 25, 2009

"We Don' Need No Steeenkeen Moral Compass!"

The Busheviks will NEVER face prosecution for torture or war-crimes, or for anything else. No FUCKING Way!

Apparently even Nobel-laureate economists can be delusional about these things. Although Krugman's surely right about this, he's clearly delusional to believe that anything will happen:
Krugman: "'This government does not torture people,' declared former President Bush, but it did, and all the world knows it. And the only way we can regain our moral compass, not just for the sake of our position in the world, but for the sake of our own national conscience, is to investigate how that happened, and, if necessary, to prosecute those responsible."
Yes, he's right. Let's stipulate to the underlying truth of his assertions.

But it's not gonna happen.

No Way!

Primarily, pragmatically, because if "thePrez"/the Govt "goes after" the Busheviks, Obama'd be signing up for his own--whenever he left office--indictment. He's not that brave. Fuck, he's not brave at all, that I can see. He's an accomodationist, a go-along/get-along kinda fella. There's no way he'd EVER consciously put himself in the way of that kind of trouble.

No Way! Gay-Ron-fucking-TEED, chers.

Plus, there's no precedent for it, unless you think some toothless commission--like the 9/11 Commission, or the Iran Contra Commission, led by the feckless fuckwit Lee Hamilton--would bring justice. (Yeah, right...)


The country's totally polarized, and conviction requires a unanimous jury, and there's no fucking way in hell--even with smoking guns, videos, the scorched flesh, and the recorded, orchestrated screams of the tortured--that any "MURKIN" jury would ever get 12 votes to convict these fuckers, if their defense was "good faith." That is, if they claimed they did what they were doing to "protect" the country, and prevent more 'terror' attacks, and to keep the scary "sand-ni88ers and rag-haids" at bay...Hell, 30 percent of the people still ADMIRE that strutting, simpering, smirking poppinjay, the Chimp. 30% of 12 = 3 or 4 automatic votes for acquittal...

In addition, Obama would risk his political life to permit them to be tried in any other venue. It'd be an death-sentence for whatsoever (progressive/liberal) agenda his regime might propose. Imagine the turmoil form Beck, et al: Wogs trying White Murkins for War Crimes? Yeah, right...

NAGAHAPUN, people.

If these folks are gonna pay any price, it's either gonna be at the hands of fate or in the imaginary never-never land of heaven-and-hell...

Surely you must all see this. Even Krugman.

We're gonna have to learn to go through our Imperial decline WITHOUT a "moral compass." But the direction is clear and irreversible, so probably we don't really need a compass to get where were going...

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Liberality said...

but will any OTHER country be able to take us to task for war crimes?

na, probably not, for shame...