Saturday, April 04, 2009

A Postcard from the Ragged Edge.

Avedon Carol's always timely (well, it should be: she's six hours ahead of us) "Sideshow" this morning contained a valuable item, considering the winds of "reform" are starting to waft across the soggy plains of Social Security.
Make sure they can't say they weren't told

CMike (a frequent Sideshow commentor. W.) ends one of his shoulda-been-a-blogposts with a paragragh that, with the amendments I've made (and to which I have contributed a skoshe. W.), I think would make a good little pre-printed postcard you could run off a stack of and pass out to all your neighbors to send to your Congressperson:
Be Advised: I will neither vote for, nor support in anyway, any candidate who, from this day forward, advocates for any Social Security benefit reductions (or any SS privatization schemes, no matter how cleverly they may be rhetorically disguised. W). I will repudiate forever any legislator who votes (in any way, shape or form. W.) in committee for a bill with a provision for such a reduction (or privatization. W), or for cloture during the debate of a bill with such a provision/s, or for an amendment with such a provision/s, or for either a stand alone or an omnibus bill with such a provision/s.
And if you're energetic, you could print off two more stacks for your Senators.

(We need a little rubber-stamp logo of a pitchfork crossed with a torch.)
Crossed Pitchforks around an array of torches.

I'd buy one of those rubber-stamps. I'd buy a bumper-sticker, too. Let this be the "pi" of this generation of radicals...

(Pi = The secret sign of the Pythagoreans, a radical secret society of the age of Pericles, membership in which at the time was a capital offense.)

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