Wednesday, April 08, 2009

The Obamanistas Are Gonna Cut (Or Steal) Social Security

It is running the ragged edge of crapulent, cognitive incontinence to believe that, with this huge economic crisis to hide behind, the Banksters and their obsequious sycophants in Congress and in the WhiteHouse won't take advantage of the chaos and confusion to gut Social Security, reduce benefits and services, and raise out-of-pocket expenses/taxes. Of COURSE they will. That's Bidness 101: Shock Doctrine, anywhere...

Dean Baker, one of those 'economists' not wholly in the pocket/wallet/ball-sack of the crooks and lawyers doing the bidding of the Bosses along the Potomac and in Manhattan, had a thing or two to say in an op/ed in USA Today, yesterday (via TruthOut). I reproduce it here in toto (pace, FairUse):
As a result of incredible economic mismanagement and the greed and incompetence of the financial industry, the country is in the worst downturn since the Great Depression. In this collapse we have seen the most massive intergenerational (wealth) transfer in the history of the world.

Americans have lost more than $15 trillion in housing and stock wealth, with the great bulk of the losses being incurred by people age 45 and older (Yr Obd't S'vnt, age 63, lost more than 50% of his accumulated retirement accounts). This is effectively a transfer to younger workers and those yet to enter the labor force, because they will be able to buy into the stock market and buy homes at close to half the price they would have paid just two years ago.

What do our elites, ranging from editorial boards to former Commerce secretary Pete Peterson, plan in response to this situation? At the same time that they are handing trillions of dollars to the bankers who wrecked the economy, they are proposing to cut Social Security in the name of fiscal responsibility.

This plan is even more outrageous because workers have already paid for their Social Security benefits. The Congressional Budget Office projects that Social Security, by drawing down its trust fund, will be able to pay benefits until the year 2049 with no changes whatsoever.

In effect, the cutters are proposing that the government default on the bonds held by the Social Security trust fund: U.S. government bonds that were purchased with money raised through the designated Social Security tax.

It is truly incredible, and unbelievably galling, that anyone in a position of responsibility would suggest defaulting on the government bonds held by the Social Security trust fund at the precise moment that the government is honoring trillions of dollars of bonds issued by private banks.

While the government has no legal or moral obligations to pay off the banks' debts to wealthy investors (who presumably understood the risks they were taking), the Social Security bonds carry the full faith and credit of the U.S. government.

It is understandable that people are angry. We have a government and an elite that never stop looking for ways to take money from ordinary workers and redistribute it upward to the richest people in the country.
"Galling" doesn't put a fucking patch in it. I feel E-fucking-NORMOUS RAGE! And desperation, too, which feeds the former. If they cut my Social Security, which is my margin any month, I may as well either 1) walk in front of a train or 2) pull a gun on the "thePrez" or one of his satraps and let the cops finish me off...


ChantWeCan said...

Why not? What else do the bastards have left to steal?
Wait until liberals and the left actually wake up from this victory stupor and smell the coffee. Are they in for a shock when reality hits them. Corporate America just pulled off the biggest coup in American history. Bushie was supposed to be the one, but dang it all, he just wasn't a smooth talking man. Not like Mr. SnakeOilSalesman Obama.

Anonymous said...

Just wait until the borrowing/printing hyperinflation catches up with the economy, and it will big time. Then everything you own will be basically worthless. Want a loaf of bread? Grab that wheelbarrow of cash you worked 2 weeks to earn.

Woody (Tokin Librul/Rogue Scholar/ Helluvafella!) said...

Chant: By Nov, '10, Obama's gonna be a lame duck...his job was always only to be the spook by the door and deflect criticism...

anon: yup