Thursday, April 16, 2009

Excelence In Broadcasting: Free, and Worth Every Penny

The Ditto-Heads, as well as the Head Ditto, like to proclaim the huge number of stations carrying Limpball's three-hour-long puddle of Rightard crapulence is a testament to the Biggest Piggie's popularity. But all is not what it seems in the Slimeball-ville.

How DID Rush Limbaugh's show get to be so ubiquitous (not "popular," just ever-present)?

Cap-Cities Communications, a wholly-owned spin-off ot ABC/Disney, which "owns" the franchise, gave it away to hundreds of small- and mid-market all across the country.

When you're out there, slogging across in fly-over country at 75 mph, --East Jesus, NE, or Bumfuck, Tx, or Shit City. La--and the radio dial is replete with Slimeball's sick, twisted bloviation, chances are that the stations carrying Rush/EIB are NOT paying for the syndicated service, but are instead probably GETTING PAID to carry it.

No, really. It's called barter:
So, a local talk station got Rush's show for zilch. In exchange, Premiere took for itself much of the local station's available advertising time (roughly 15 minutes an hour) and packed the show with national ads it had already pre-sold.

Think Gold Bond Medicated Powder.

It's a very sweet deal for local radio station owners, explained Bill Exline a respected radio broker (he helped people buy and sell local stations). "Not only does the local station get three hours of free programming," Exline explained, "but that's one less local talk-show host on staff they need. It makes small- and medium-market radio properties more profitable and attractive by cutting down staff expenses."
Sweet deals.


Ruth said...

This is the way to ensure a brain dead audience, always useful if you're selling swill anyway.

Flying Junior said...

Dial it in Rushie-Baby. Two oxycontins and three viagras ought to be about right. And a really nice whore. What a piece of shit.