Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Myth of the "Math": The Owners Will ALWAYS Have The Votes

Okay, so a notoriously lying, unreliable, dishonest shitheel, Sen. Arlen Specter of PA, has decided that the pressure from the extreme/Looney-Tunes/Flying-Monkey/Fucktard segment of the PA electorate has driven him from the Party.

For the last 30 years, Spectre has been a loyal, diligent, happy warrior for the Right. He's not now, and never has been a "moderate," even by the incredibly lax standards of the GOPukes. He's supported every war, every fascist prick nomination (think Clarence Thomas, for whom he humiliated himself in attacking Anita Hill, and exculpatory theory ("the single-bullet") the Wack-loon GOPukes have ever produced (although, early on, inexplicably, he did oppose the Robert Bork nomination).

Why, then, o why o why o WHY would the brainless, feckless, useless, gutless Dims take him in?

It's not like they need another "Blue Dawg"--which is the very BEST that anyone could expect from the drooling fuckwad/dickweed/douchebag Specter who announced within minutes of proclaiming his support for Obama's agenda that he wouldn't support key parts of (EFCA) or pass certain nominees (Dawn Johnsen).

Apparently, the saintly Obamanistas think he can help them in the Senate, but why they would trust him, after his 30 years of lies. All he can do is propel an already far-too-right-of-center Dim party even further to the Right. Plus, the deal to get him to switch promised that PA Dims would not back any primary challenges so he'd have a clear path to the nomination, so there's no chance to put a 'real' Dim in the spot.

Much of the apparent euphoria over Specter's defection to the Dims revolves around the dream of a filibuster-proof majority. With a 60-vote caucus, the argument goes, the Dims needn't fear cloture votes. But this assumption is cods-wallop: With the 'red-state' Dims--the soi disant "Blue Dawgs'--numbering as many as 30% of the Dim caucus, one more unreliable vote is completely absurd. The Bosses and Owners can ALWAYS get 41 votes to prevent cloture on measures that really mater to 'em.

So, Dims, be smart: Fuck Arlen Specter. The value of having him is never gonna be worth the price...


Flying Junior said...

Damn straight Woody! Don't trust it at all. Senator Reid has already rolled out the red carpet for Specter. Don't trust Reid. Don't trust Pelosi anymore. The whole thing stinks. The concessions to the GOP in tax cuts and eliminating key provisions of the stimulus bill that he held out for just to get his one, stinkin', lousy vote.

The Future Was Yesterday said...

Sphincter has all the value of Jew Liberman. Both have all the credibility of a Evangelical Preacher saying a hooker's bad.