Sunday, April 19, 2009

Let's Go VIRAL!

Via The American Nihilist:

You are cordially invited to steal this picture, medallion, or whatever you call it. Drag and drop it to your desktop. Attach it to your e-mails and send to friends. Post it on your blog if you are as annoyed as I am about Tempest in a Tea Bag Day. All rights are hereby waived.

The Teflon Gang who organized Tempest in a Tea Bag Day know damn well who should take the blame for the economic mess in which we find ourselves. Don’t let them get away with this political game of diversion and deception. So go ahead, take it, and go viral.

Our current national debt, also known as sovereign debt, is currently $11 trillion dollars. Deficit spending by three, successive Republican administrations accounts for $9 trillion of the total … a whopping 82%. Yet, Republicans want to pin their transgressions on the Democrats, and specifically the Obama administration, in an attempt to derail important legislation designed to fix this mess.

Nine out of 11 trillion dollars in total! What an interesting ratio! It reminds me of another 9/11, but undoubtedly any reference to the terrorist attack of 9/11 would surely offend.

Octopus will even customize it for you, if you wish, as an extra incentive to get the message out. So go ahead, take it, post it, and go viral.


Liberality said...

I have stolen it and it is now displayed on my blog, with a link to you of course ;~)

themom said...

I am following suit. I will be proud to display it on my blog.

C.C. said...

Aren't both parties in the budget process? Didn't the Dems OK most Republican budgets? Didn't the Dems support (some very verbally) everything Bush did?
This isn't Republican Vs. Dem. This has more to do with the same old clowns in office for too damn long. They've been bribed, bought and paid for. Party affiliation is nothing more than a show.

Arkonbey said...

@CC: speaking as someone from a state where one senator was told to F--K himself by Dick Cheney and another is an affirmed socialist, I beg to differ.

Not to say that the Dems hands are totally clean; 4 out of the Keating 5 were Dems, after all.

'same old clowns' is a tough thing. Where does 'vast experience' end and 'entrenched clown' begin?