Monday, June 15, 2009

Bibi's "Plan" For Palestine

Mebbe he'll let 'em run casinos?
In an much-anticipated foreign policy address Sunday night Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu called for the establishment of a demilitarized Palestinian state alongside Israel, but only if the Palestinians recognize Israel's nature as a Jewish state.
Netanyahu said that he embraced President Barack Obama's vision, adding, however, that the Holocaust was not the reason for the establishment of the Jewish state.

The prime minister said that the descendants of the Palestinian refugees must not be resettled within Israel borders and that Jerusalem must remain united. Israel, he said, would not build any new settlements or expropriate new land for existing settlements.
The "Palestinian State" Bibi envisions will, that is, possess no capacity for self-defense, will have no authority over its borders, will not have any part of Jerusalem as a capitol, will not be able to include its children (if they emigrated in the past 60 years). Unmentioned, but a factor which MUST be considered, is how Israel will deal with the issue of already-expropriated Arab properties, and how Israel will share the regions limited and diminishing natural resources with what will amount to pseudo-sovereign enclaves of Arab completely surrounded by ambivalent, if not hostile, expansionist Israelis.

The Israelis may want to study how we have managed such populations within our own nation: dressing them in "authentic" costumes, and encouraging them to pursue "native" arts and crafts, music, and dancing for the entertainment of the tourists.

And casinos. So they don't starve in plain sight...

Oh, wait...

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Flying Junior said...

Like the leavening of yeast, this sin will multiply in the waves of destruction caused by the ordinary evil of gambling. Like a cancer it will spread. Yet, symbioticically, Israel will no longer be able to balance her budget without it. There is no money filthier than that stolen from the hapless, compulsive gambler.