Saturday, June 27, 2009

It's the LEAST They Could Do...

Below, Gary Larson 'bird's-eye' view of the House/Senate
process on climate protection and health-care Bills:
The "LEAST" being the (Revo-fucking-LUTIONARY!) "Cap-and-Trade" band-aid on the suppurating bed-sore passed by the House (but still pending in the Senate), and the Obama-care health plan which, whatsoever its weaknesses, holes, absences, and flaws, will assuredly be hailed as the GREATEST THING SINCE EDIBLE UNDIES, and will be touted, by everyone involved in passing it, as the 'answer' to the (apparently abjectly betrayed) "promise" for a new approach to USer health care, but which has n ot even been introduced in EITHER House..

"They," of course, being the corpoRat pig-fuckers in the WhiteHouse and Congress (inclusive).

To the extent that either the energy-plan or the health-plan is in any way 'satisfactory' to the industries which must fall under the regulatory supervision of the legislation, that bill will be a failure to the interests of common folks and the environment, the planet and life in general. These folks always seem willing to prove the null hypothesis in my theory, that humanity is a cosmic experiment testing whether "life" can survive "intelligence."

To the folks who claim that ANY attempt is better than no effort, I offer a hearty "Cods'-wallop!" Both measures, in whatsoever form they eventually comprise, will become excuses to forego FURTHER reforms, to IGNORE the metastacizing crises, and to go before the voters as "reformers," their patent, looming, reeking, odious failures to act in any meaningful way notwithstanding...

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