Wednesday, June 24, 2009

For ANY one of my age, disposition, and temperament, this story is sheer tonic!

Over at Lambert's place, the ever-vigilant bloglord found and posted the following:
Oldsters use Improvised Bankster Takedown Device after 2 million Euros looted from their pensions
Wed, 06/24/2009 - 11:51am — lambert

UK Independent:
A group of pensioners has been accused of kidnapping and torturing a financial adviser who lost over €2m of their savings.

The pensioners, nicknamed the "Geritol Gang" by police after an arthritis [sic] drug [sic], face up to 15 years in jail if found guilty of subjecting German-American James Amburn to the alleged four-day ordeal.

Two of them are said to have hit him with a Zimmer frame [picture at rightleft] outside his home in Speyer, western Germany, before he was driven 300 miles to a home on the shores of a lake in Bavaria.

Mr Amburn (56) says he was burned with cigarettes, beaten, had ribs broken, was hit with a chair leg and chained up "like an animal".

The incident began on Tuesday last week after Mr Amburn, the head of an investment firm called Digitalglobalnet, was allegedly attacked by two men aged 74 and 60.

Another couple, retired doctors aged 63 and 66, later arrived to join in the alleged torture.

"I was struck. Again and again they threatened to kill me. The fear of death was indescribable," he said.

He told them he could pay them back if he sold some securities in Switzerland and they agreed to let him send a fax to a bank there.
You can see this one coming, right?
He scribbled a plea for help on the fax. Armed commandos stormed the house on Saturday.
Wielding automatic Zimmer Frames, no doubt.

Seriously, I've advocated the 198-Fold Way many times on this blog. And I don't believe in torture.

However, what our financial class must be brought to understand -- and that financial class includes at least the banksters, the Finance Wing of the Democratic Party, which includes Obama -- is that their actions, and their way of life, have consequences. The money they think of as digital, as counters in the game, may -- rather, will, must -- mean food, shelter, health for others.

NOTE: And I have to confess, despite my protestations above, a sneaking admiration for the old guys -- 60 and 74 -- who can still cut it. Let's just draw the line at the walkers, mkay?

UPDATE I don't think, despite the superficial plausibility of the idea, that the Zimmer Frame has anything to do with Don Zimmer. Bucky Fucking Dent.
Let's repeat that; it's important:
(T)heir actions, and their way of life, have consequences. The money they think of as digital, as counters in the game, may -- rather, will, must -- mean food, shelter, health for others.
That's EXACTLY how gamblers must school themselves to regard the money represented by the chips they bet. These fuckers are just tin-horn gamblers getting rich risking money that isn't even their own. And there's no sanction on their extravagant carelessness with OTHER PEOPLE'S FUCKING MONEY. Something or somebody's GOTTA put the fear of god in 'em.

I admire the geezers! And I'd contribute to a defense fund, a few Euros anyway.

The G-RDF! (Geezers'-Revenge Defense Fund). Anybody know how to set one up?

(BTW: DOTOF™ to Susie/Suburban Guerilla)


themom said...

When I first read about this group of geriatric rebels...I was like "Go Team." Right idea, wrong approach. Unfortunately, these folks had to feel they had no recourse. It's a shame there was no other way for them to vent.

Woody (Tokin Librul/Rogue Scholar/ Helluvafella!) said...

What other recourse is open to 'em?

They were ripped of, lost their retirements, left destitute.

Scaring the shit outta some rich Bankster seems a small repayment.

Support the G-RDF!!!! Free the Geezers...