Saturday, June 20, 2009

"And Put It All Out On Hiway Sixty-ONE!"

Shawna Forde (l) ordered the murder of a nine-year-old girl; her collaborator
(whether Gaxiola or Bush is not specified--r) pulled the trigger.
Align Center Defending America! Enlist the Militias/Minutemen
To Take On The Mexican Cartels

Talk about killing two birds! It could help reduce both the numbers of the vicious, violent narco-Cartelistas and the (probably not quite as vicious, violent) USer vigilantes, like the crew that targeted that Arizona family, the father and the 9-year-old daughter of which were murdered by a Minute-man gang that believed they were ripping-off a gang of meth dealers for money to fund their anti-immigration campaigns.

I almost wish the Forde Gang HAD taken out a cartel-operation, because they would ALL quite surely be dead by now (read the interview with the Juarez cartel hitman, "Sicario" in the May number of Harper's, to see how one-sided the battle might be.), saving the State of Arizona the unnecessary expense of trying and (through the magic of jury nullification) dropping the charges. (The guy they whacked was indeed a small-time drugger; his daughter, also killed, had no known drug affiliations. However little brown-haired girls don't get the attention of little blonde girls, so tough shit, I guess)...

The idea of these two groups facing off in the desert, no quarter, is a fascinating solution to an enduring problem. We could sell tickets, burritos, and beer and reduce the national debt of both nations. YeeHaw! Arriba!


PENolan said...

Just think - you could bring different groups out there every weekend to duke it out just like NASCAR. And the profit on the beer concession would be staggering. Burritos and Beer would cause a lot of farting, but that shouldn't be much of a problem with this crowd.

jobsanger said...

I'd buy a ticket (and a burrito and a beer).