Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Funnier than SHIT! "The Little People" Feel "Betrayed" By System NEVER MEANT To Protect Them

Matt Renner, writing at Truthout, says the Geithner/Summers/Rubin/Gramm/Obama "Bank Plan" leaves out prosecution and compensation.

"Today, the Obama administration will present a plan for reregulating the financial industry - one of the most highly anticipated policy reforms on the president's long list.

But critics charge that the key to the future of the financial system is accountability for crimes (past and anticipated. W)..

The collapse of the financial industry and the subsequent government bailouts have enraged Americans, who see their government using tax dollars to save a system which failed to protect the interests of the little people."

That's just funnier than reeking shit squirting outta a starlet's comely ass on a Monte Carlo photo shoot, since the system--as it was imagined by Reagan in the 80s and was broken and brokered by Clinton, in the mid-90s-- was NEVER supposed to preserve, protect, promulgqate, propogate, or in any other way attend to the interests of the "little people."

The "little people" only matter as sources of incremental infusions of disposable capital, and to maintain the charade of a democracy when they "vote" every once in a while. Leona Helmsley spoke for the Owners when she disparaged the proles.

NOBODY gives a rosy red fat rat's ass about the "little people," as long as the BIG GUYS get paid off.

And, as always, if there should happen-stantially occur some small ancillary benefit to the "little people" from some measure intended to fatten up the fat cats even more, well, you know, shit happens.

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