Sunday, June 07, 2009

How Many Bushevik US Attorneys Still Hold Office?

I cannot find out.

Does anybody know? Or how to discover this important number? That there are ANY is a fucking scandal. Why do ANY of them retain their positions? Why do ANY of them still preside over prosecutions?

Holder's DoJ last week announced that it had reviewed the convictions of a couple of Ted Stevens' co-conspirators in the fleecing of Alaska and discovered prosecutorial misfeasance enough to throw out the convictions and release the criminals from jail. These were the second and third Busheviki so honored by Holder's atttention to justice.

Mark Crispin Miller echoes the general frustration with the Obama/Holder DoJ:
The man (and the man he works for) just can’t seem to stop exonerating BushCo’s men–and also just can’t seem to start considering the gross injustices committed by Bush/Rove against Don Siegelman, Paul Minor, Oliver Diaz and all the others.
The also cannot apparently be bothered to replace the Busheviki who PASSED the political litmus tests in 2005 and retained their jobs when others, like David Iglesias, here in NM, were being FIRED for insufficient attention to maintaining and preserving Karl Rove's PPM (Perennial Puke Majority). Holder was here in ABQ on Friday, but none of our enterprising SCUM (SoCalledUnbiasedMedia), print, pix or vid, had the balls to ask the questions. Miller aptly quotes Roger Shuller:
Attorney General Eric Holder apparently cannot be bothered to review the political prosecutions of Democrats Don Siegelman and Paul Minor (or others). But he seems to have no problem letting Republicans off the hook, with the latest example coming yesterday with news that the DOJ is asking that former Alaska state legistors Victor Kohring and Peter Kott be released from prison because of prosecutorial misconduct in their cases. On the heels of the Ted Stevens and James Tobin cases, the Obama AG now has made four favorable rulings for Republicans, zero for Democrats. Is that change we can believe in?
Seems to me sometimes the 'smirk' of the Chimp's been replaced by Obama's big, toothy, shit-eating smile, but that's ALL that's changed...

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Liberality said...

Pay no attention to those justices behind the curtain who aren't fit to hold their offices. ;~)

It is reminiscent of OZ don't you think?