Monday, June 01, 2009


The left blogs, the big guys like Crooks and Liars, or Think Progress, are totally obsessed with Faux Noise (Fox news), and especially with Bill ("Fuck it!! We'll Do It Live") O'Reilly.

And it's easy, actually, to see why. They thrive and survive on generating outrage and obloquy against the worst excesses of the Fucktard/Flying Monkey/Xiano-Fascist Right, and nobody can compare with "Falaffel" Bill (so named from the released transcripts of his sexually harassing phone calls to his former producer, Andrea Mackriss). He may reliably be counted upon to achieve the heights of faux outrage, hubristic pomp, bone-deep stupidity, and the vilest racial, sexual, or class-based slurs.

The outrage over Bill-O this week comes in the wake of the assassination of Wichita (KS) abortion provider, George Tiller. O'Reilly, full of faux outrage at the 'murders' Tiller committed as a late-term abortion provider, had featured the man O'Reilly called "Tiller, the killer," on 29 segments of his televised O'Reilly Factor over the last 4 years. The list of the calumnies Shitheel Bill heaped on Tiller would take up more of my energy than I am at the moment willing to devote to listing them. Suffice to say, had I been Dr. Tiller, I would have tried very hard to break O'Reilly's kneecaps, and shattered his wrists irreparably, for the insult.

Which is beside the point; which is how three prominent lefty political blogs wrote about O'Reilly's first broadcast after the assassination for which, in a just world, O'Reilly would bear some responsibility. Loufa Bill (another Mackriss moment), of course loudly and archly disclaimed ANY liabiltiy for the assassination, even though he as much as suggested it to his listeners on several occasions.

Anyway, just for fun, follow the links in the cires below, and see how each one both echoed and avoided the others:
Think Progress
O’Reilly Responds To The Tiller Murder: ‘No Backpedaling Here…Every Single Thing We Said About Tiller Was True’

Crooks and Liars
Bill O'Reilly says he knew the left would blame him, Uses biased panel to smear Dr. Tiller

O'Reilly Back-Peddles, Tones Back 'Tiller the Killer' Rhetoric on First Show Since Murder
So, who got it right? Did he back-pedal, as Bradblog says, or did he repeat his slanders of the dead, as TP avers? And what was with the freaking panel?


Seeing Eye Chick said...

O'Schmarmy was counting on the blame game to get him more ratings. Remember there is no such thing as negative press for a pompous fart filled windbag.

themom said...

To say I hate Bill O'Reilly is an understatement. I never use that word lightly either. I had to have my turn at trashing the mongrel also - I've seen and read just about everything so far on this murder. I firmly believe that "O" made Dr. Tiller a TARGET for the past few years. Will he ever take blame - NEVER!

Ruth said...

Don't think for a minute the wingnuts aren't partying over this bigtime.

I love KO, he asked anyone going into a place where Faux is on to request a legitimate news channel. My exact post, not long ago.