Monday, August 06, 2007

Albuquerque Got "Dicked" Today. Local NPR Applied The Lubricant Later

Cheney was in town today to stroke the waning willies of the Marine Corps League's 84th annual convention, and to catapult a ton more war propaganda onto the willing--nay, the enthusiastic, albeit deluded--heads of the erstwhile warriors and the breathless local media folks anxious for their taste of the 'inside' the "darth-side."

Darth , of course, said nothing that he had not already said elsewhere. He permitted no questions, much less answered any. What he said, however, was to effectively outline the GOP national propaganda strategy for the forthcoming '08 campaign. It was "Fear, fear, fear, and the prezdunce's perteckin you!" He literally invoked the Muslims under the bed fantasy: there are cells in the country; they're out there among you, the terrists, the killers, the enemies of Murka, and if we cant listen to you we can't listen to them and keep 'em from harming you. We just wanna perteck ya!

If you needed a news hook for the local angle, you had it right there, I thought.

The report was about 5 minutes. Faithful recording of Cheney spreading war-love occupied about 3.5 of them. Protestors were interviewed listlessly, for a while. The report closed with the reporter listening to a bunch of gyrenes, suckin down fags (butts?), and grumbling the anti-democratic canard that if it weren't for Cheney and them, those kids wouldn't have their precious rights...

When I called the local NPR outlet, which recorded every word, the news director said they just reporting news. I said they were stenographers. News would be if he flew in on a fucking broom; or passionately kissed his Marine escort, or mooned the demonstrators. I asked the news director if Cheney had submitted to questions. He temporized. I said, "Fine. If he won't aswer questions, why put his boilerplate on the air? How is that different from stenography? Audio mimeographing.?"

He thanked me for calling, before he hung up on me.
They know me over there.

If even the local NPR--presumably somewhat insulated from ideological attack by their association with the University--cannot act with integrity, there's little hope to ever hear critical analysis of the events of the day.

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