Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Time For A New Meme--Via Tapped

It's time for prominent Democrats, the ones who have the power to get on the evening news, to talk in explicit terms about the consequences of the conservative antigovernment philosophy and what it says about the people who advocate it. Conservatives are the people who degrade government to the point that it cannot effectively maintain our roads and bridges. Conservatives are the people who turn over our defense budget to corrupt contractors who steal the money that ought to go to our troops. Conservatives are the people who won't let poor kids have health insurance.
"Conservatives" are the people who allowed New Orleans to drown and kept natives from returning.
"Conservatives" are the people who prevent veterans from receiving treatment, and reduce budgets for their care.
"Conservatives" are the people who scoff at the evidence of climactic climate change, and refuse to conserve or reduce their energy use.
"Conservatives" are the people who are the first and loudest to object to taxes, and the first to complain when services they use are reduced.
C'mon, Folks!!!

Give It Your Best Shot!

"Conservatives" are the people who_________________________________________


ina said...

'Conservatives' are the people who don't clean up their own dog's shit, but when they step in someone else's dog's shit, they sue the family and shoot the dog.

Mr. Pelican said...

.....hawk the war but are the last to put on a uniform.

spocko said...

Good ones Woody.

Conservatives claim to be Christians but don't do Christ like things.

Terry C - Kick the GOP Out! said...

"Conservatives" are the people who are such miserable bastards that they want everyone else to be miserable, too.