Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The Drumbeat Of War : Is Rupert Murdoch the Reincarnation of William R. Hearst

Rupert Murdoch wants the USofA to go to war with Iran, the same way William R. Hearst, the 19th Century newspaper mogul, wanted war with Spain. Recall Hearst remonstrating Remington in Cuba, who complained that all was peaceful and wished to return, to stay in Cuba: You furnish the pictures; I shall furnish the war"? Hearst's motive, according to his biographer Swanberg, was mainly to sell newspapers. But Hearst was an avid Imperialist/Expansionist, too, a Manifest Destiny acolyte.
What's Murdoch's motive? More blood with which to sell his FOX manure? Or something larger?
Every reeking, feculent, shit-encrusted one of them.
(Courtesy of The Big Con.)

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