Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Chris Bowers Is Fuukin' AWESOME!

He's gotta be the hardest-working man in bloggery, the dot-connecting equivalent of James Brown, the hardest-workin' man in the Bizz. He does graf upon graf upon graf of amazingly thorough, inciteful (stet) political analysis on He makes an important tactical point today, down pretty far (#6), that though Congress's standing in polls is worse than the Busheviks collectively and individually, Democrats' are not so badly tarred.
"Congress" is an abstract concept that voters never seem to collectively punish. "Democrats" and "Republicans" are abstract concepts that voters seem to punish on a regular basis. Right now, Democrats hold gaping leads on Republicans nationwide, meaning that low congressional approval has not damaged Democratic electoral opportunities. This also means that any campaign urging Democrats to not support the same policies that Republicans support is doing Democrats a favor. Republicans are really unpopular, and Democrats who want to vote like Republicans are committing electoral suicide.

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