Monday, August 06, 2007

Under-Statementer/s Hall of Fame

The New York Times
Subject: Selective Prosecution
"One part of the Justice Department mess that requires more scrutiny is the growing evidence that the department may have singled out people for criminal prosecution to help Republicans win elections. The House Judiciary Committee has begun investigating several cases that raise serious questions. The panel should determine what role politics played in all of them." (Emphasis added.)
I repeat my previous inquiry:
The fucking story is not in the NINE fucking USAttys who were fired. The FUCKING STORY, you fucking morons, is about the other EIGHTY-fucking-FOUR US Attys who KEPT THEIR fucking JOBS, !

To what grievous fucking iniquities --to what lurid fucking violations of the very fucking nature of justice-- did those rat-fuckers who stayed on have to stoop to NOT have felt the bite of Rove's fucking knife in their fucking throats; to NOT have been fucking fired for insufficient fucking attention/enthusiasm for the rat-fucking agendas of local GOPube pols like our (NM's) goat-fucking Domenici and Wilson? Prob'ly Steve fucking Pierce, too; no fucking reason to think not.

Thing about show-trials in a 'civilized' country--with a citizenry awash in commodities, and dreadful of their loss--you don't need many of 'em to make your point: Resistance could cost you EVERYTHING!

Are You Feeling LUCKY, Punk?

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