Friday, August 03, 2007

Why Is Congress Considering Bushevik Lifetime Appointments?

Diane Feinstein, may her fibroids swallow her whole, broke party discipline and voted to pass the nomination of Judge Leslie Southwick, a red-neck, racist, cracker CorpoRat-fuck from the Mississippi piney woods, to a life-time postion of the US Circuit Court, out of the Senate Judicial Committee this week.
What the FUCK, Diane? Are you outta your fucking, feculent, wattled mind?
Wasn't your performance on the Roberts/Alito nominations enough of a disgrace, you fucking bint?
The US Circuit Courts do NOT need another racist, redneck, cracker asshole on any Court anywhere in the whole fucking country ever again.
And besides: There is absolutely no reason that the Senate should even be considering any controversial Bushevik nominee. They should be resolutely blocking ANY nomination for ANY lifetime Bushevik appointment.
Temps, okay...they'll be gone in Jan, 09, if not sooner.
But NO FUCKING WAY they should be approving ANY Puke Lifetime appointment.
Pay attention, Diane, you feckless, useless bag of crap.
I sure wish California could find a Democrat to run for Senate.


bo said...

So Woody, tell us how you really feel about the Senile, er, Senior Senator from my state.

We had some truly distinguished Van Winkleians. Sam Hayakawa, George Murphy...

Dirk Gently said...

I sure wish California could find a Democrat to run for Senate.

why do i think having a "democrat" is not necessarily a solution?

oh, right, i'm looking back from a couple days in the future.